Re: [Coding] Something besides Mana?

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 07/31/00

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From: Shay <>
Date: den 31 juli 2000 04:02
Subject: [CIRCLE] [Coding] Something besides Mana?

>Is there any scripts or something that have put in additional things
>besides Mana, HP, MV, etc.. ?
>Im thinking of races/classes that have maybe Mana/Power or some
>new thing, but before I do it myself, I thought Id see if there was
>out there allready built.
>Thanks in advance,

Yes, at least for mana... There is a mana sphere system on the CircleMUD
site (Ceramic Mouse) that lets you have four different mana pools, and with
that in your system you can just extend it to incorporate races, classes,
whatever you want.  Not very hard I wouldn't think, I have done something
similar with that system as a basis...


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