Re: MOb Error

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 07/31/00

Implementer Operation Overlord wrote:
> Hi everyone sorry to bother.. I have this problem.. When I use  bin/circle
> (because of the error)
> Jul 27 21:51:20 :: Loading mobs and generating index.
> Jul 27 21:51:21 ::    571 mobs, 6852 bytes in index, 171300 bytes in
> prototypes.
> in mob #151:21 :: SYSERR: Warning: unrecognized espec keyword E
> Jul 27 21:51:21 :: SYSERR: Unterminated E section in mob #1
> [oogame@MUDD-Server oasis20-bpl17]$

The clue is in the fact that the completion of the first syserr is on
the beginning of the line rather than finishing at the end of the line
as would be expected.  This would indicate that there is a \r\n where it
expects to find only \n at the end of the line, and that id causing it
to interpret "E\r" as a keyword instead of as the end of the mob

Okay, if that sounded like greek to you, forgive me, it is very
difficult to explain what led me to this conclusion, but the evidence is
there, the problem is that you are trying to use a file that was
modified on a Windows computer on a Unix system.  When you transfer a
file from a Windows computer to a UNIX computer viz FTP you must either
transfer the file in Text mode, or you must run the file through a
dos2unix utility, this is because there are key differences in the way
that DOS/Windows and Unix terminate each line in a text file
(DOS/Windows terminates a line with "\r\n" and UNIX uses "\n".

It is the extra "\r" that is causing you grief above.  Your current
solution is to find a dos2unix utility and use it to strip the /r's off
the end of each line.

Regards, Peter

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