Re: [SCRIPT] DG Scripts

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 07/31/00

Peter Ajamian wrote:
>Thomas Arp wrote:
>> From: "Torgny Bjers" <>
>> Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] [SCRIPT] DG Scripts
>> <snip of script>
>> > The reason to why the while.. doesn't work like it should in this case
>> > because %nextplr.next_in_room% doesn't return "" when it is done, does
>> > It returns a carriage return, eh? So it will NEVER be "" will it?
>> > Therefore, infinite loop (my oh my, does it eat CPU when writing errors
>> > the logfile! :])
>> Actully %nextplr.next_in_room% DOES return "" if there aren't any more
people in the room, as you can see here (from dg_scripts.c):


Ok people, I have tried Peter's script, without my void checker, it worked
perfectly.  What messed my script up initially was that I didn't use ()
around my if statements, as well as some other minor errors, but now it
works perfectly.

Thomas is wrong, Peter is right, I am happy that my script works. :)

Thank you for your quick responses, both of you!!!

Kind regards,
/Torgny Bjers (Artovil)

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