Re: Code Ripping a new Era

From: George Greer (
Date: 07/31/00

On Mon, 31 Jul 2000, Joseph Todaro wrote:

>heh... i was going to rewrite do_score for him...he just wants to have a
>good MUD.. i know some of the good features on his MUD are from ceramic
>mouse they will probally be rewritten by someone... but right now i am only
>on builder status but havent been going on...
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>From: Garringer, Mark <MGarringer@APACMAIL.COM>
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>Date: Monday, July 31, 2000 7:25 AM
>Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] Code Ripping a new Era
>>He is running a mud on a machine called, ports 4005 and
>>The admin of the machine is and I am sure you will
>>find him most helpful. This guy (insanity/Hanz) has been in my MUD on the
>>box several times and wanted to combine our coding efforts into one MUD
>>project, but I had to decline as I don't work well with others ;)

Haven't we said enough already? Last time this came up, the thread lasted
for entirely too long.  Well beyond its useful lifetime in fact.  If you
want to report something like it, fine, but let's not spend a month
debating the finer points of how to get the guy.  We're not a hit squad and
chances are you won't find anything new and interesting three weeks after
the initial post on the guy.  Make a web page or something if you really
want to publicize the guy is a thief.

George Greer

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