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From: doomzday (
Date: 07/31/00

I started fiddling with circlemud a few months back as (waits for sighs) an
introduction to C.
Believe it or not i actualy did this the right way, by reading tutorials and
books on C and working
my way up to a production mud using my own code, and not relying on snippets
too heavily to
force me to learn the code.

I self coded a single-class mud with a tree-like skill learning system,
rewrote the entire context
to a futuritic setting (i.e getting rid of things like wisdom as an
atribute) and stuck together some
basic ranged weap code.

Now, ive done the patient thing and havent asked a lot on this list. Ive
taken a lot of the critisisms
people have about newbies on the mailing list seriously and done everything
everyone says you
should do to properly get into using circlemud. Trouble is I've been using a
bl-15 at the moment
as my base, and now ive got the game mechanics working I need a decent

Im using windows to run my mud. This makes patching extremely difficult.
Thus if anyone could
please direct me or help provide a prebuilt base copy of circle-17 with
Oaisis AND DG scripts
patched, it would be highly appreciated. Before somebody says "gnu-32 cygwin
tools..ect ect"
ive already tried, and was demoralizingly unsuccesfull.



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