Re: item suffix dubbing and identification remembrance -READ!-

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/31/00

> today i am going to write a suffix dubbing and/or identification remembrance
> spell or wizard command (for the dubbing)... it would identify the item and
> add a suffix to the items short desc, aliases, and name...the thing i need
> to know is something i forgot how to do.... is to add something to the items
> info like name.. etc.. if i get i make the spells and/or wizard commands ill
> post them along with my advimp command and maybe something else ;)

        Stop! Stop! My brain is bleeding!

        I think you mean you want to be able to do what others call
'restringing'.  That's cool.  Remember though, if you alter the
desc/alias/etc not to alter the prototype.  Don't forget either, to free
the memory on altered objects when you quit (you don't have to free
strings for objs normally - they're just pointers to the prototype).

        Oh, and if you want to save, you'll have to add that information
into the obj_file_elem ... or whatever the struct is called.

        You can also check out xapobjs & iedit.  I really will make a
brand new patch for that one of these days, but it's nearly functional
now, so I barely see the point :)


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