Re: [Circle][DG Scripts] medit save not saving, SOLVED!

From: shay (
Date: 08/01/00

For those of you who might be curious, it was the struct
containing the save functions:
struct {
  int save_type;
  int (*func)(sh_int rnum);
  const char *message;
} save_types[] = {
  { OLC_SAVE_ROOM, save_rooms, "room" },
  { OLC_SAVE_OBJ, save_objects, "object" },
  { OLC_SAVE_ZONE, save_zone, "zone" },
  { OLC_SAVE_MOB, save_mobiles , "mobile" },
  { OLC_SAVE_SHOP, save_shops, "shop" },
  { -1, NULL, NULL },

I had to switch the types around to the dg order, and then
it worked for the most part, after having to redo the
save_rooms, save_objects, etc...  course, those arent saving
the script information..  Is there a bypass that i sould
have somewhere that skips all of this?

Well, if anyone knows, let me know, otherwise ill just keep
looking..  this is turning into an all day project.. geez..

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