[CODE] Please help me with pow()

From: Jake Turner (jakehturner@hotmail.com)
Date: 08/02/00


I recently added some complicated maths stuff to figure out exp
for mobs automatically.  I did this on windows in MSVC6 and in places
had to use the..

double pow(double _X, double _Y);

function. This was working fine until I uploaded the code to unix where i
got the..

/home/portloe/circle/src/db.c:1702: undefined reference to `pow'
/home/portloe/circle/src/db.c:1704: undefined reference to `pow'

errors. This is because I havn't linked in the right libraries right?
If so could someone please tell me which libraries to include and how to
include them, or if that isnt the case how I can ammend this problem? :)

Thanks for your time.

Culhaven - portloe.mudhaven.com p2411

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