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Date: 08/03/00

On Thu, 3 Aug 2000, Jake Turner wrote:

> Hi i have recently moved to a new server, and when the mud crashes it isnt
> producing a core file to help me debug.
> Is this because of the nature of the crash or is it something i have missed
> when compiling the mud?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The host machine can be configured (under Linux at least, and presumably
in other *NIX OSes as well) to refuse non-root user processes the right to
create core files.  It is often seen as a potential security hole...

First rule out that you're possibly trying to dump core into a folder that
you don't actually have write permissions for or are deleting it with a
script of some kind (for example, try to get another program to segfault
and see if it creates a core), then talk to the server admins to find out
if they've taken any actions that may be keeping your processes from being
able to dump corefiles.

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