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Date: 08/08/00

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Would it be against the license for circlemud to have a quiz, or
where the winner receives eq or gold?  There would be no gain for me,
some fun for the players.


Where can a canoe be found?

The person who gets it right then would get like 1000 gold, would
that be ok.


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Is this a serious question? I'm half-sure that it is, so I'll attempt
to answer it.
The CircleMUD and DIKU license prohibits ANYONE from making _real_
money from CircleMUD. Since the only thing you may buy with MUDcash
would be MUDstuff (is just made those terms up, cool huh? :P), its no
big deal. Personally, I would have a problem with awarding people
with say like points from since this has a RL value.
A fine line is reached here, since the people who run the public
servers on which most public MUDs are hosted do indeed make money
 from CircleMUD, but since the host is only selling space which the
customer may use for anything they wish (within the personal
agreement between the customer and host) then the host is not
actually making money from CircleMUD, but rather the virtual space it
uses. Redundant huh?
OKies, now I'm confusing myself.
Just look at it like this: You can't give away positions, equipment
or a favored status in exchange for money.
Example #1:
Joe is running a MUD, but he can't afford to keep it running on any
public server. So Joe askes Jane to front the cash, and in return he
grants her an immortal position on his MUD. Their agreement is that
as long as Jane is paying for the MUD's space, she may keep her
This is wrong. The license clearly prohibits this.
Example #2:
Joe decides to make a little extra cash by "selling" more immortal
positions on his MUD. Let's say he charges $10 a month per level. In
a few months, he can now afford to host the MUD without Jane's help.
Sound nice? Nope. This is covered very clearly in the license.
Example #3:
Joe decides that anyone who enters his MUD must send him a "donation"
of $10 and in return he'll give them all the EQ they need.
Again, this is covered in the license.

We just had a major discussion about this a few weeks ago. I stayed
out of that one, and after reading back over this I think maybe I
should have stayed out of this one.


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