Re: [CODE?] Syserr when booting objects..

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 08/08/00

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From: Peter Ajamian <>
Date: tisdag, 8 augusti 2000 11:13
Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] [CODE?] Syserr when booting objects..

>Torgny Bjers wrote:
>> Aug 08 09:38:00 :: SYSERR: Object #2111 (a scroll of bless) uses
>> spell #0.
>Pretty straight forward and self-explanatory.  Object #2111 has a spell
>assigned which is undefined (basically, it's not a valid spell).  You
>need to oedit 2111 and change the spell to a valid one (I'm gonna guess,
>say ... bless? that's spell #3 in stock CircleMUD, so you would need to
>set value#1 to 3 and value's 2 & 3 to -1.
>Regards, Peter

Duh. :)  But it still does not work.  It goes beyond these obvious things,
apparently there's an error in the code somewhere, can you tell me where to
look for it?

Why does it say UNDEFINED when you should set it to 0 (or -1 as you say
here) if it is unassigned?  I think that stock OasisOLC sets it to 0, is it
not supposed to be 0, but -1?

Sadness...  Stupid me, I am not a good coder, and I am not very good at
explaining it seems.  Well, if anyone out there know what might cause this,
let me know, ok?

scroll bless mystic mystical~
a scroll of bless~
Blessings be upon those who use this enchantment.
2 64 16385 0
10 3 0 0
1 1200 0 0

That's what the obj-file looks like...

Is the format wrong?  Does genobj.c save it down wrong, or is it db.c that
reads it wrong?  Any input on this is appreciated!!!

Kind regards,

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