Re: [NEWBIE] wzoneecho & prompt question

From: Danny Owen (
Date: 08/08/00

--- Peter Ajamian <> wrote: >
Danny Owen wrote:
> I'm not aware of a wzoneecho command for DG Scripts.

hehe well we live and learn :)

Now for the prompt question. is there a way I can
get  a linefeed after the prompt without adding the

> Well, \r\n IS a linefeed, so what else would you
> want?

I'm looking for a prompt that doesn't do this:
<500h/500H 500m/500M 500v/500V> [ 1220] A Hall Way

>> Oh, you do that in your client, you turn on the
>> option for local echo so

oh err hmmm ok that makes sense.. I've always hated
local echo and the prompt personally doesn't bother
just trying to keep others happy like usual :)

thanks for the help


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