Re: [newbie?] 2 Quick Questions

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/08/00

> 1) Do spells automatically improve?

> 2) I have attempted to add a disintegrate snipplet I found on Ceramic
> Mouse.  However, I can not seem to get the spell to work like it is
> supposed to.  You are supposed to be able to type cast 'disintegrate' <obj
> on enemy's eq>   I have the code in and the code checks out.  I am
> thinking that the problem is in the spello.  What should I add under the
> target?  Should it be TAR_IGNORE?  I wouldn't think so.  TAR_OBJ_INV &
> TAR_OBJ_EQ is for things in your inv or eq, not others from what I
> understand.  What would be your recommendation?
        How about making it a mag_manual?


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