Re: [newbie?] 2 Quick Questions

From: Del (
Date: 08/08/00

"Bobby L. Russ" wrote:
>         I should mention that it is ASPELL(spell_disintegrate) and it's spello includes the MAG_MANUAL.  It
> states that it can not find the target.  (I have been testing it against finding a long sword... I tried using cast
> 'disitnegrate' long, but it fails to work.  I believe that is isn't looking onto the victim's inv or eq... but rather the
> character's.  How can I make it look into the victim's inv?
>         Bobby

If you are the one casting the spell, it should be in your inventory
(usually (ch))
unless you want it on the ground.
Victim is usually (vict) or (victim) depends on the section of code.

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