Re: Death gate Scripting

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 08/09/00

Chuck Carson wrote:
> Just curious, I noticed DG for p14 on,

The latest version of DG Scripts available at is pl7a.

> is DG still being
> 'worked on' so to speak? I went to the web site and nothing there seemed
> newer than 1998.

Here's a quote from a recent posting by Mark Heilpern (the maintainer of
DG Scripts)...

> Offsubject --- Tony, I haven't falled from the face of the earth,
> but I'm incredibly busy and in fact haven't done a single thing
> with DG Script code in months. It's likely that I'm going to have
> to turn this project over to someone, if it doesn't get taken from
> me (read: picked up) first.

> I am looking to start another mud using a spell
> memorization system with delayed casting times and memorizaztion delaying.
> Is Death Gate my best bet or should I start from scratch? What are people
> using that have already done this?

DG Scripts is still (IMO) your best bet for scripting and while I have
expanded on it myself to create other systems in my MUD, that does not
mean that it is right for you.  Look at what DG Scripts is and look at
what you want to do and come up with your own answer.

Regards, Peter

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