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Date: 08/10/00

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Patrick Dughi wrote:

> tricks like using a seperate thread for db transactions.
Hm, I'm starting to implement MySQL as the Primary storage for players. As
for locking, I've pondered the thing,and yes, locking may occur, though
I'm yet to see it. This is not yet in production, so I cannot say anything
of what happens when players start to actually do something, but for 30
players or so logging in at the same time, I noted a speed
increase. Again, this might be a coincidence, but I think not. So far I've
only seen an Increase in speed.

Of course there are several ways of doing this, but I decided that the
most correct way was to create a execute_query function, this would then
be called by all functions needing to do stuff inside the Database.

There's pro's and con's on this, as I saw it, if the function was small
and sweet. And if anything broke during the SQL-call it would be easy to

I'd be happy to make a conceptual overview of this if anyone would like
it. Even though it's nothing more than using the MySQL-api.

> you using?  MSQL? MySQL? Oracle (it's free for linux, or was)?
I think it still is.. :) though my Informations are not exactly reliable


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