DG Scripts and multiple evetns per char

From: Chuck Carson (ccarson@change.com)
Date: 08/11/00

I am using the latest version of DG scripts (and am quite new to them). I
have it working and have a simple command a player can type to basically
delays some output to the character.
Moving on to bigger things now. I created an event pointer for each pc/npc
to point to any events that belong to them so I can free them if the pc is
extracted, etc... However, what if a player has multiple events pending, how
can I possibly reference them all. From initial thoughts I think this would
require some kind of linked list that contains pointers to each event for
each player. This is much uglier than I really want it to be. Am I making
this harder than it needs to be? Has anyone else came across this problem? I
must admit my C has become quite rusty over the last 2 years so I do not
really feel like hacking a linked list out.

Thanks for any help,

Chuck Carson            Sr. Systems Engineer
858.720.5040            ccarson@Change.COM


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