Re: [BUFFER] Bufffer overflow

From: Shane Lee (
Date: 08/11/00

Nahhh, just increase the size of MAX_STRING_LENGTH, or you can do
something more complex which allocates the memory dynamically and
reallocates to keep it from overflowing (I actually made up an entire
system around this concept so I don't have to waste memory for
everything that uses MAX_STRING_LENGTH or use cheesy workarounds like
limiting the amount of output to a command, it works pretty well I can
actually do a "rlist 0 100000" and it will page the entire thing,
50 pages worth, to the screen properly without limiting the number of
lines and without seg faulting).

Regards, Peter


Hrmm, that sound's cool. Got a snippet or just some generic tips on
how I could do the same?
I got cheesy and coded checks in all the imm commands that allowed
overflows and segmentation faults (i.e. "Sorry, you can't access more
than 200 vnums at the same time" when someone types 'olist 1 9999').
Problem was, I had to chase them all down. That really sucked:P


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