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From: Robert Tavares (
Date: 08/12/00

Tried this yet?
make a speech trigger,
>Narg= 1
>Arg =  tear /*city that you trigger set off by*/
>      msend Riker waves in your direction and the world seems
to compress suddenly around you before again returning to normal.
>      mteleport 400
>      mechoaround screams in agony as time
>itself folds to encompass him.
>      mat mforce look

When the player says, 'Tear' the mob will teleport him to room 400 then
force him to look.

now. you need 1 trigger for each destination you want the mob to send ppl

anyone know of a way to consolidate this so that instead of making a trigger
each for 4 destinations.... make 1 trigger able to hold all 4?
I've tried half a dozen if statements, -> if (%arg% == this) then do this,
elseif (%arg% is this) do this etc. and nothing i've done has worked.


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>       Hi, I am making a zone on my mud that will have a mob on the players
> request by say place take them to this place on the mud.  I am using
> circle30bpl17 with dgscripts version 0.99 patch level 7.  Is what I am
> trying to do possible with dg scripts and OasisOLC version 2.0?  bye
> Nick Gawronski the chihuahua eater, now
> includes sound and audio content still being worked on but it is still
> good.
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