Re: dg scripts questions

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 08/12/00

Robert Tavares wrote:

> now. you need 1 trigger for each destination you want the mob to send ppl
> to.
> anyone know of a way to consolidate this so that instead of making a trigger
> each for 4 destinations.... make 1 trigger able to hold all 4?
> I've tried half a dozen if statements, -> if (%arg% == this) then do this,
> elseif (%arg% is this) do this etc. and nothing i've done has worked.

Three ways:

1.  set the arg to *, then the trigger will match anything spoken.
You'll have to check %speech% to see what was spoken.

2.  set the arg to the list of all the words that would activate the
trigger.  If any one of these words appears in the spoken text the
trigger will activate.  You still have to check %speech%.

3.  set the arg to a "trigger" word that the spoken phrase must contain,
then use the rest of the phrase to determine what the trigger should do
(or where it will take the player).  Again, use %speech% to check the
rest of the spoken phrase.

Regards, Peter

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