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From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 08/12/00

> /* Now my first guess was that utils.h was not included, so I
>    checked that first. It's there.  So then I said well hmm,
>    and I started looking at the code for possible problems.
>    Unfortunately, I didn't find any. So the code I added to
>    fight.c is below.
> */
Why would utils.h have anything to do with it?

> fight.c:1002: structure has no member named `specials'
The problem is that at line 1002 the structure you're calling doesn't have a
member called 'specials' to get the 'fighting' from.  Right, so what's this
all mean.

>    if (AWAKE(ch) && (ch->in_room == ch->specials.fighting->in_room))
> {
>           hit(ch, ch->specials.fighting, TYPE_UNDEFINED);
This is where the problem is.  There is no (ch)->specials member.  But there
is a
(ch)->char_specials member.  Try replacing it with that, or simply use the
macro FIGHTING(ch).

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