Re: Question about some major help

From: Del (
Date: 08/12/00

Steve Z wrote:
> would i be possible to use patches on Windows 9x
> ported version of Circle 3.0 Bpl 11?
> I was also wondering if someone could tell me exactly
> what I would have to do to put the levels on my mud up
> to like 50 or 60 mortal levels???
> I would greatly appreciate it...

First, find the FAQ, and WTFAQ. Read them, and you will find
the answer to one of your questions. The other question you
will find your answer to in the archives. If you Don't know
where the archives are re-read the FAQ. And if you don't
know where the FAQ's are. Read below.
(not trying to sound mean, just teach you where to find your
answers before asking the list. Since those two questions
have been asked and answered many times)

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