[Ad] Winds of Storm

From: StormeRider (silk@ici.net)
Date: 08/13/00

Keep getting reminded to post these when others post ads
as well. :)

Basically, I've got the plan and the code talent to make what
needs to happen happen on the MUD that I'm creating. Time
is what I'm short on, so I'm looking for some coders who can
share a common vision with me, or at least appreciate my
goals and work under my direction. Head Coder must be able
to share my vision.

I've got a QuestMaster and a Quest Designer lined up already.
Currently, all other positions are open. For a list of available
positions, please take a look at our proposed Org Chart at:


And the site to look at to get an idea of what the MUD is like
is, of course,


To save your time, and mine, here's what I'm looking for if you're

* Admins:

Description of previous experience and references (yes, references)
of people I can contact to ask about you. I'm not looking for people
to be admins who haven't done it before. Those will be some junior
admins that I will recruit after the MUD is open from the player base,
as needed. Must be a good people person.

* Builders

3 descriptions: one of a room, one of an object, one of a mob. This
gives me an idea of your writing style and capabilities. Make them
good. :)

* Head Builder

Previous experience with OasisOLC and the ability to teach others
how to use Oasis. Must be able to keep track of others and develop
formulas to keep items and mobs in balance which will be discussed
with the coders.

* Coders

Experienced coders only, please. I don't have the time to train
someone else how to code. Knowledge of how to use CVS and having
a separate (local) development system with CVS access a definite

Send me a good example of what you can do. Something above the
level of a skill or spell, please.

* Project coders

Newer coders who feel up to having no or limited code access who
are looking to get some experience. Mostly will be working on new
skills and spells as Winds of Storm aims to have a lot of these to
keep the different classes in balance. Must be able to debug their
own code (perhaps testing on a stock CircleMUD they have
somewhere). Project coders will not get a login on the server, nor
CVS access.

Project coders will be able to turn to the regular coders and feel
free to email us coding questions/problems. Above that, they should
be able to operate autonomously with minimal direction once assigned
a project.

Please send a skill or a spell as an example of your ability.

* Head Coder

Similar to a head builder, must be able to maintain a good sense of
who is working on what, and be able to give a status report at any
time when queried. Will handle assigning different projects to the project
coders and providing a list of unclaimed projects for the full coders. The
head coder will work directly with me on developing the technical
aspects of the MUD. I intend to keep functioning as a coding creator,
not slipping into a full-time administrative role.

Experience, references, and coding example needed. I will be very
critical in handing this position out, as it is one that will need a lot
of trust and talent to fill.

* Head Admin

Like the other heads, must be able to take direction and maintain
tabs on their staff. Certain tasks which don't fit in coding, building,
or quest designing will default to the admins to fill, so the head
admin will need to be flexible in handling odd requests. Must be a
good people person.

Experience and references needed.

If you think you're up to any of these roles, please feel free to drop
me an email about it. Things will be moving slowly until a staff is
developed, and then I will finish up some of my other projects to
devote my time towards the MUD.

Thanks, and peace favor,

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