[CODE] I want more mana! :)

From: Torgny Bjers (tb@sbbs.se)
Date: 08/13/00

Hello People,

Re: more than one mana 'pool'

I am working on implementing 5 mana pools, or techniques (sort of like Ars
Magica), and I just wanted to ask you guys which is the best way to do this
in the magic system?  Shall I just duplicate all the MANA and MAX_MANA
checks and suchlikes to utilize the four new ones, or how?  Can you give me
any pointers on this?  I am rather familiar with the code, I just don't know
how to code.  I have hand-patched in DG Scripts and made it work, so I am
not a complete moron. :)  But, speak in simple programming terms and try to
avoid much to difficult code-lingo, please.. ;)  I do NOT need information
on how to add this to the player struct, or anything like that, I just want
tips and pointers on how to make it effective in the already existing
functions such as do_cast, leveling, and such... Shall I use like some sort
of switch statement for them all, or just line them all up in a long row,

Kind Regards,
/Torgny Bjers

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