Re: [CODE] clan.patch found in contrib/code/

From: Shay (
Date: 08/13/00

At 10:05 PM 8/13/2000 Sunday, you wrote:
>Hello again,
>I am trying to compile my bpl17 with the clan.patch found in the contib/code
>section of the Ceramic Mouse site, and I get an unresolved external symbol:
>_strcasecmp ...
>Obviously this must be a remnant from bpl11 or something?  What can I
>replace this with to make it work?
>In the code the look like this:
>+   if (strcasecmp(subbcmd, "debug") == 0)
>+   {

strcmp() will work, but its not case insensitive i believe.  look at
interpreter.c and you
can see some examples, or if you use pfiles, theres some in db.c

Shay aka Gothic

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