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Date: 08/16/00

On Wed, 16 Aug 2000, Circle Mud wrote:

> Who are creating areas? What the best soft for this?
> I'm using Circle MUD Editor 32 bit v0.89x. Maybe there are better editors?
I prefer vi on the Unix side, using Windows I tend to go against
UltraEdit32, both are texteditors ;-)

But it brings up an ageold question ;-) Editors for CircleMUD, sure
enough, Stock circle's aren't that hard writing Editors for. Even writing
Editors that can be expanded with more flags isn't that hard, e.g. Have it
read a config-file and thus you're home free and you still support the
stock circle, and even expanding to those who have figured (No offence to
anyone :) out how to put in more flags than just the stock.

But.. An editor is best written for the mud that uses it imho, be that
either by having a copy of the mud for the builders, have someone write an
editor that suits your needs, OR!! :)

The Ultimative in an editor would be the type that grabs sort of a format
file and perhaps parse it line by line, ie something like this:
... and so forth, you hopefully catch my drift :)

Combine this with some sort of configurationfile (as I described
earlier) and most would find this as something useful. :)

Of course, it still doesn't support all types of mud, but again, I don't
think it reasonable to have one editor to suit all people's strange

Just something out of my head..


Sir Alec Guinness
 - May the force be with you, Always!

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