Re: [Windows] Can't connect to port 4000 from the outsid e

From: Jodi Goddard (
Date: 08/16/00

>No, its got something to do with port 4000.  When I run it on port 23 I can
>connect from the outside.  This is my home machine, so its not any kind of
>company fire wall.  It's weird, must be something in the Win 98 SE default
>network set up.

  After you start up the MUD, did you run `netstat` to make sure that there
is something listening on port 4000?  You should see a line that has <ip

  Maybe download some GUI server program like an FTP server and configure
that to listen on port 4000 to see if its Windows that's causing the
problems or if it's the MUD.  Perhaps for some reason your compiler is doing
something strange with the network code and ports >1024

  The external testing on the home machine, is that being done through a LAN
or an Internet connection?
  Maybe for some odd reason your ISP is the one that's blocking 4000.  You
could try using port 6000 if you suspect some port blocking (That's how I
got around my company firewall >:)

  Hope that atleast one of those random thoughts help out.

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