Re: Modulizing "Added Spells, Skills, Commands, etc"

From: Melissa Jadwinski (
Date: 08/19/00

At 05:53 AM 8/19/00 -0700, greerga wrote:
>I tried doing something similar once, putting all of the spells into a
>'struct' instead of the 'switch' blocks but ultimately gave up as there are
>too many differences, special cases, and tests to take care of to make it

I wanted to add over 300 spells to my mud, and it quickly became apparent
that I lack the patience required to do this in stock circle.  I don't
remember exactly but I think there are 5-6 changes you have to make to
separate source files in order to add a single spell.  In practice, this
means adding large, repetitious blocks of spellos and skill_levels.  I
realized that it wouldn't be too difficult to add a plaintext file
containing this information.

My own approach was to expand spell_info_type and base my work from that.

struct spell_info_type {
   char *name;          /* name of spell */
   char *plural;        /* plural name of spell */
   byte min_position;   /* Position for caster   */
   int mana_min;        /* Min amount of mana used by a spell (highest lev) */
   int mana_max;        /* Max amount of mana used by a spell (lowest lev) */
   int mana_change;     /* Change in mana used by spell from lev to lev */

   int min_level[NUM_CLASSES];   /* must == num_classes in structs.h */
   int routines;
   byte violent;
   int targets;         /* See below for use with TAR_XXX  */
   long type;           /* SPL_XXX. Mana-spell/skill/memorize-spell? */
   int spell_level;     /* Rank of the spell, for wizard spells use 0 for
nonwizards */
   byte deleted;        /* don't write spell to file */
   int sortpos;         /* this spell's # in alphabetical order of all
spells */

   char *wearoff;       /* spell/skill wearoff message */

... and so on... (info about damdice, healdice, affect bits etc. excerpted)

... And then load the spells from a file.  I took an ascii approach because
I have ascii pfiles and xapobjs, as well as ascii object and mob world

You feel less protected.~
MinPos: 7
MinMana: 15
MaxMana: 30
ChangeMana: 3
Violent: 0
Routines: b
Targets: b
Types: an
Cleric: 1
Priest: 4
... and so on...

My implementation is not even close to finished; as George Greer wrote, there
are a ton of special cases that need to be implemented.  However, even the
minimal version I have now (and the Obuild-based OLC spelleditor that
interfaces with it) has saved me an enormous amount of work.

< 5000H 5000M 1000V > spellstat 2
Name: teleport (#2), Plural: teleports
Violent?: no
Mana cost: 50/75 (-3/level)
Min position: Standing
Routines: mag_teleport
Targets: char_room
Type: Magic Cast
Teleport room: -1 (random)
Wizard: 88

Melissa Jadwinski/

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