From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/19/00

> As for the gui, I was planning a java version for portability (and because
> I've been slightly more successful with java gui than with ms-windows.  Java
> might open the possibility to set up a mud's web page with a gui editor
> builders could use from wherever they find themselves with some free time and
> a web connection ;)

        I agree that java should be used.  Problem is that I'm not as
savvy with java as I am with MFC (which I'm not as good with as the API,
which I'm also not as good with as C...).  Poor knowledge of java 1.1,
much less 1.2, with swing is kinda annoying.

        I'm up for it though!

        Even though, as a rule, I hate java. *kicks java in the nads*

> >         That is, it's easy to make them pop up, but it makes things look
> > poor.  At the same time, it's hard to integrate them into the app so
> > they'll be coherent.  I think the best thing to do, perhaps, is to expand
> > some on the dialog structure in your script - for example,
> > exits/descriptions/etc should probably be in a single dialog box with a
> > listbox containing all extra descriptions, aside from just the exdesc
> > keywords and text.  Same, perhaps, for the exits.
> I agree.  My idea was to define a certain width, then just throw one
> thing after another below each other and include the capability for
> somepopups. It wouldn't be pretty, but would make for a simpler script.
> Unless there's a "builder builder" I'd hate to have to define the look
> and feel in a script file.
        Letsee.. we could include in our configuration file a default
window size, as well as a per-module setting of initial x-y coordinates
for the top left corner.  That would allow an easy setup.  If you wanted
to be complex, you could even take the modules and seperate them in their
own group box which is then movable by anyone using the editor (I'd assume
it'd be a toggle so you don't do it by accident).

> I'll have to admit I have zero experience with scripting, and have had a hard
> time getting even simple lex/yacc projects to work correctly, but I may be
> able to help out.  Maybe we can work out a design doc and then various people
> could work out the interface with C/C++ and Java.


        Writing any sort of text parser isn't too hard, though if you want
to build something really complex, I suggest you look at either "Modern
compiler implementation in c" by Appel, or "Writing compilers and
interpreters" by Mak.  In most cases though, the design is so much more
important than the implementation.  I'll work on something based off your
inital form.

> >         Think that's a decent look & feel for stock-type editor, or no?
> I like that very much.  I'm thinking that may be hard to define in a text
> script.  Any ideas?

        I don't know that I'd want to have to duplicate the .rc file, for
example, but pulling this out of the rc file....

CAPTION "Room Editor"
FONT 8, "Tempus Sans ITC"
    GROUPBOX        "Zone Information",IDC_G4,13,7,550,54
    LTEXT           "Zone Number",IDC_STATIC,25,21,45,11
    EDITTEXT        1000,74,20,34,12,ES_AUTOHSCROLL
    LTEXT           "Zone Name",IDC_STATIC,122,22,38,10
    EDITTEXT        1001,163,20,115,12,ES_AUTOHSCROLL

> >         I would just post out the code now, but that was way back when I
> > was trying to make the jump from windows3.11 API-type coding to windows 95
> > with MFC.  I will give out the code, resources, etc, when it actually has
> > something usable though - no doubt :) Sides, as I indicated, most of it
> > right now is vaporware.
> MFC and I don't get along very well, and the API isn't much better, so I'd be
> more interested in a Java version, but I don't see any reason why we couldn't
> do both.  Most of the real work is designing the script interpreter.  Maybe we
> can get some dgscripts expertsto do the actual editor-script writing.

        I suppose I could work on the scripting aspect, since I actually
know how to do that.  Half of my motiviation though is to try something
new, and that'd be the GUI aspect.  So, I'd rather help with the interface
in both java and MFC.  I suppose the first step is figuring out how to
read in the config files. Er. second. Design first. :)


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