[CODE] Weapon Speeds

From: Blaize (garath@fl.freei.net)
Date: 08/19/00

I am creating a system where weapons have an assigned speed, so that a
player with faster weapon might hit twice for another players one hit.  I am
thinking about doing this by having pulse violence call every 1/10th second
and decrement a GET_HIT_WAIT(ch).  If GET_HIT_WAIT(ch) == 0, then the
character hits, and GET_HIT_WAIT = find_time_to_next_hit(ch);
easy enough I think.

Now my question is, with between 10 and 30 players, will scanning through
the combat list and decrementing everybody 10 times a second lag the MUD
significantly?  If so, what would be the smallest number of times per second
you could scan without lagging?

Btw...I am running my MUD from win98 with a dos autoscript which restarts
the mud when it crashes.
However, the mud will not restart until the illegal error box is closed.  Is
there anyway to avoid this?

Thank you,


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