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Date: 08/22/00

No fair! I program in Delphi, I could easily show you how to convert it to


Of course, the name/stealing issue would not be relevant in this case, as I
trust no one here really cares much for stealing the glory.  Whatever glory
that may be.

I remember a recent conversation with a person I met on AOL (yes, sadly, I
also have AOL, it's the only thing the locals here understand,...heheheh)
C: "hey do u still have that site?"
T: "Yeah, what about it?"
C: "why do u keep it, i used to like pokemon but now i dont because im going
into 8th grade and theyre so stupid"
T: "I keep it because it pays."
C: "why do u like pkmn?"
T: "I don't, I maintain the site, it's my job there."
C: "why work on a pkmn site when you can go get a prog to cheat surf4free or
T: "Why are you talking to me?  Leave me alone!"
C: "at least I dont read geek books about c++  i use real progz and warez
and hacks  now i dont like pkmn"
T: "Go away.  Go play with yourself or something.  Use a 'pr0g' or 'h4x0r'
and be 'l33t' <g>"
C: "ure so stupid, u can just go use a prog to hack sites"
T: "Why ?  Go AWAY you moron!"
C: "no, go here <>"  <--- crappy javascript while(1)
type-thing which loads messageboxes, basically a nuisance.
T: "Bye, you've been blocked."

As you can see, this person is inclined towards more malicious computer
uses, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

I guess the interviewee has a point.


> > WAIT A SEC, wouldn't it be a lot easier to use CircEdit as a
> basis for this
> > new program?  I mean, it already works.  All that would be involved is
> > adding the extra editors, which is basically copy and paste
> work! ...well,
> > sort of...
> >
>         Yep, cept... I don't believe the source code has ever been
> released....
> Q: Will you release the source for the editor?
> A: No, and most people couldn't use it anyway. CircEdit was written using
> Delphi, which uses Visual/Object Pascal as its programming language. The
> source code is not extremely neat in places, mainly due to my producing
> WORKING code rather than producing elegant code. (Not that I think
> anything in Pascal is particularly elegant...) Not releasing source also
> means people can't rip out your name and put theirs on it instead (this
> seems to be a problem with MUDs). Actually, that's not strictly true, one
> can always use a sector editor to change the binary executable...
> Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous people in the MUD world.
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