Re: C struct question

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/23/00

> Ok... that wouldn't work for my purposes I don't think...  perhaps time to
> get more specific.  The thing is I've added a second set of exits, only
> using a linked list of pointers rather than an array like the nomral
> exits.  So right now I'm modifying the do_doorcmd function to be compatible
> with both sets of exits.  I'm trying to do this by passing in just a
> pointer to the exit that needs to be modified.  However, the original code
> goes through this:
> if (!obj && ((other_room = door->to_room) != NOWHERE))
>     if ((back = world[other_room].dir_option[rev_dir[door]]) != NULL)
>       if (back->to_room != ch->in_room)
>   back = 0;
> So I have to find out the back pointer without benefit of using rev_dir...
> I'd hoped there was a away to just get a pointer to the room from the
> exit.. err... I dunno... anyone have any ideas?

3 words;
        Doubly-linked list.


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