Re: Libraries in BSD help please!

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 08/24/00

Geoff Davis wrote:
> Hi, Jake:
> From: "Jake Turner" <jakehturner@HOTMAIL.COM>
> > My box just changed to free BSD from linux and im getting and error in
> > linking.  Its cause im missing a library but im not sure which one...
> > /usr/include/stdlib.h:141: undefined reference to `__strtol_internal'
> > /home/portloe/circle/src/mobprog.c:272:undefined reference to
> 'ctype_b'
> [-snip-]
> This may seem like a stupid answer, but please do humour me if I am
> indeed incorrect in my assertion:
> It seems to me, at first glance, like you've neglected rerun the
> configure script from your top-level CircleMUD directory. Whenever one
> changes platform it's a very good idea to rerun this script.

Probably worth mentioning the need to delete config.cache as well...


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