Re: Offline editor

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/29/00

> As for look and feel, I'm tentatively going with something very similar to
> your updated screenshot.  The exceptions are that I'm probably going to use
> a menu bar, and I think I'm going to skip the zone information menu and add
> a status bar at the bottom which will contain the zone information as well
> as displaying error/status messages.

        Hm. That sounds like a good way to do it.  Actually, I wanted a
menubar as well, but I'm using a CPropertySheet, and it seems resistant to
change.  I finally figured out a way to embed a CPropertySheet inside a
standard dialog window & disable _all_ the default buttons.  That way, i
put the menubar on those :)

        For those in the know, should I use a document-view SDI setup and
embed the prop sheet in that, or just stick to a dialog-based thing?

> I'm not even going to hint at a timeline.

        Okay, a realistic timeline, based on what I've seen sofar for me.

8-29 (today): get GUI working.
8-31 : finish GUI working.
9-3  : rewrite GUI from scratch.
9-8  : rewrite GUI from scratch.
9-10 : write up internal structures & start dataload
9-11 : finish dataload
9-13 : rewrite GUI from scratch.
9-15 : post up and pray for mercy. :)

        Ie, Gimme about 3 weeks at most, and I should have something
usable.  Girlfriends take more time than you'd imagine.  My unrealistic
goal is something by this weekend.


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