Re: [CODE] Sedit.c/genshp.c errors

From: russ brown (
Date: 08/30/00

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Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2000 11:38 AM
Subject: [CIRCLE] [CODE] Sedit.c/genshp.c errors


>I create a shop in sedit, save it internally, it works just fine. Save it
>disk, works as far as saving it down properly. Then, I reboot. Kaboom.
>Fubar. It reads the shops ok as far as the actual game play goes, but sedit
>cannot find the shops anymore.

Do you mean that you cannot edit any shops after the reboot, or that you
edit the new ones that you just created?  If it is only the new shops, check
the index
file in your .../world/shp directory to make sure you are loading all your
shops files.
This of course assumes that the shops you added were in a zone that
previously had

Russ Brown

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