[AD] [SCRIPTING] Dg-Scripts Wanted

From: Brian Beffa (MortalCity@aol.com)
Date: 08/31/00

    I am looking for a coder to help a project.  I would really like
dg-scripts, but with the amount I have modified my Circlemud and my lack of
coding ability I cannot isnstall them.  So I would really love it if someone
could install it for me.  I will give them credit in the credits, levels, and
eq, more if neccessary.  If it is possible i would also like Romance Module.
That is all.

The stats for my mud:

Codebase: CircleMUD
OLC: Oasis 2.0
Levels: 1-186
Races: 60
Classes: 14
Ethos: 3
Deities: 9
Immortal/Implementors: 6


Color (&n,&r,&b, etc.)
Sinking Objs
Maybe Some More...

Brian  /\
Mud   /\  4th Lost Kingdom (telnet://mudprovider.com 1025)
Email /\  MortalCity@aol.com

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