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From: Treker (
Date: 08/31/00

Irrelevant, I am talking about the flag itself, not the ability to kill
players.  That's a definite must in the MUD, the ability to kill other PCs.
However, why should everyone immediately know about it? Furthermore, why
should anyone be able to associate your character to the who list just by
looking at them?  Well, another irk of surreality in MUDding.  Oh well.

> > The "player killer" flag is a out-of-character and extremely
> non-RPG idea,
> > in my opinion.  It looks like it was put there more for administrative
> > purposes.  ONLY ADMINS should see the PK flag.
>         I'm assuming that you're talking about the (KILLER) which shows up
> when you've been flagged a 'player killer'.  This automatically assumes
> that you have disallowed player vs. player combat in your mud.
>         I agree that the player killer flag is out of character.  However,
> so is not being able to (attempt to) kill anyone you meet.  In this case,
> you're already committed to an OOC setting, and you're allowing an IC way
> of dealing with it (ie, the person with the killer flag can be more easily
> hunted).  You wouldn't get a pk flag if pk'ing was allowed, now would you?
>         When it comes down to it, if your mud revolves around a !ooc game,
> you will probably have code-unrestricted player killing.  That's how it
> goes :).
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