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From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 09/01/00

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From: "Dana Luther" <>

> Yes, it's your isname. Notice the line which reads is_abbrev(str, curtok).
> Now you get to choose - You can change your isname so that you can't use
> abbreviations (which would affect everthing and is not the best idea in my
> opinion), or you can use an alternate isname for your help related
> (namely the find_help and the function in the hedit which calls isname()
> decide which help entry to edit).
> In the hedit patch was a copy of the original isname. What I did was copy
> that in as orig_isname and use that instead of isname() in the hedit and
> find_help. This enables you to have your abbreviated name search
> capabilities for everything else, and use exact name comparison for your
> help files.
> Maybe not the best solution, but it certainly does work. ;)
> Dana

Great idea... Why didn't I think of that?  I actually have the old isname
commented out, I have my bright moments.  Knew I saved it for some reason,
just couldn't think of it now, several months later. ;)  Thanks Dana!


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