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From: Dana Luther (
Date: 09/01/00

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From: Brian Beffa <>

>To my knowledge i dont think i have modified the files that this is in.  I
>have circlemud 3.0 bpl17 with oasis already patched in.  I HAVE seen the
>other comments on this in the archives and my version was already patched
>it.  The problem is with zreset, I can notice it only by using the zreset
>500H 100M 82V > zreset 30
>Reset zone 9 (#30): Northern Waterdeep Main City.
>[ (GC) Volo reset zone 9 (Northern Waterdeep Main City) ]
>See, it says it zresets the zone below, zone 9, although im not sure
>there are zones 15, 29, 28, 27, etc below also.  Could someone please help
>with this

Reset zone 9 (#30):
 this is
Reset zone realnum (#vnum):

I believe it's a case of confusing the zone rnum and znums. Your zone is
reseting fine. The vnum of the zone is 30, but it is your zone number 9
(rnum) in the table, so it says reset zone 9.
If it bothers you, you could change the log message.


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