Re: [CODE] known problems with remort.txt

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 09/02/00

> remort.txt snippet from circlemud ftp
I found it on Ceramic Mouse.. but the same deal should apply here.

> Seem to be having problems where all remorts are set automatically to
    By default most variables are '0', to my knowledge.  Now one of the
major problems with adding code to CircleMUD is forgetting that 0 often
defines something of importance in the code.  In the remort code, I imagine
it leaves whatever variable is defining the remort class as 0 - which is
magic user.  See below..

From structs.h:
#define CLASS_UNDEFINED   -1
#define CLASS_MAGIC_USER  0  <===
#define CLASS_CLERIC      1
#define CLASS_THIEF       2
#define CLASS_WARRIOR     3

Try to look at the code and see if you can figure out where you can stop
this from happening.

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