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Date: 09/02/00

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>In article <>, Ryan <wizard15@HOME.COM> writes
>>is there anyway that i would be able to set up my circlemud so that all
>>users that come on automaticly have color set to complete, so that way i
>>can use manual color codes to make the greeting colorfull, and i could
>>use manual color codes on the class selection and race selection to make
>>it more cosmetic? would i need a special color code patch for this?
>> Ryan
>I don't know how they do it but I know on one MUD that I play on (circle
>based) Necromium, the first thing it asks on connect it if you want
>colour, if so The greetings and opening logo has colour in it. Probably
>doesn't help but at least you know it is possible.
>David Parrott

   Obviously, you don't want to set a player to color complete
no matter what, otherwise they'll get garbage if their terminal
does not support color.  A check at logon is better.

   The way to implement something like that would be to add new
a CON_QUERY_COLOR to the big switch in nanny() (interpreter.c),
and set each new connection to have CON_QUERY_COLOR as the
default connection state instead of CON_GET_NAME.  Probably
somewhere in comm.c, just grep for it.

--Ben C

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