Re: Coding

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 09/03/00

Jesse Hyde wrote:
> Not a guide, more like comments. Some of the code in the souce isn't well
> commented, which makes it hard to follow. I can understand much of it, just
> some of the code eludes me still.

Well, the only comments that you will find will be right in the source
as it stands to reason that if a programmer does not bother to comment
the source then why would they put comments elsewhere?  However, there
are other resources available to you...

This link may help, it's basically a cross reference of all the files,
functions, variables, and types in circlemud.

Also check the other resources available from teh CircleMUD
Documentation Project...

Then there is always Ceramic Mouse...

And of course the searchable archives for this mailing list...

And don't ever forget the FAQ and WTFAQ (I really don't have to give you
links to those now, do I?  Hint, look down.).

Regards, Peter

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