From: Shane Lee (
Date: 09/05/00

Thanks to some recent additions to the nanny() procedure on my MUD, I
have ran out of room for more CON_x's. At least I _think_ this is
limited to 32 bits like the rest of the defines. Anyway, when I ran
out of PRF_x's I simply added another type of flag.
CON_x is a little different I believe. I was hoping someone else had
done something similar and could give me some pointers before I go
and destroy my code.
I plan on adding an 'int state;' to struct descriptor_data, and then
adding (d->state) beside (d->connected) in the define for STATE(d),
and then greping the code for 'if (d->connected)' and replacing that
with 'if (STATE(d))'.
Does anyone see a problem with this?


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