Re: Zone Removal

From: Fizal (
Date: 09/05/00

>Sep  4 18:43:00 :: Loading rooms.
>Sep  4 18:43:00 ::    126 rooms, 8064 bytes.
>Sep  4 18:43:00 :: SYSERR: Room 3200 is outside of any zone.
>Quick boot mode -- rent check supressed.
>Using file descriptor for logging.
>Im keeping 0 12 30 and 31 in the index files so that it doesnt mess with
>the preset rooms in config.c. Id like to remove all the ztock areas and
>create my own, but when I do I get the SYSERR: Room 3200 is outside of any
>zone.    That I dont understand. Any ideas how to do this right?

Room 3200-3203 is defined in 31.wld, but 31.zon declared that the highest
num in the zone to be 3199. That's why the error came up. However, as to
why it didn't cough up any prob when loading in all zones, I have no idea....

Anyway, it's better if you're going to do any testing in a smaller area, to
1. copy into index for obj/mob/wld/zon/trg (make a backup of the
original index, however).
2. run the mud in mini mode. Add in '-m' in the FLAGS option in autorun.

Both will load in zone 0, 12 and 30, so you'll still have the rooms defined
in config.c. The second one is better coz it won't fill your syslog with
error mesg when loading in specprocs for non-existing mobs/objs.


Afizal Mustapa
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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