From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 09/06/00

Ryan Corbett wrote:
> I was just wondering ive been to a few muds and Based on the Liscence of
> Circlemud, when you type Version, should the mud not Either Say
> CircleMud 3.0 BPL##
> some muds have say
> DiddyMud Version 3.5
> would that not be illigal and forsay it should say
> DiddyMud Version 3.5
> Based on CircleMud 3.0 BPL## ?
> technically if you took out the circlemud credit there would that not be
> taking out credit of circlemuds creators and violating the Liscence?

Nope nothing wrong with that, the license says that credits must contain
the credits file shipped with circlemud and that help circlemud is as
per the original help circlemud in stock circle, read the license it's
clear what you must have within the game to meet the license.


Ps can you stop replying to other messages in threads and completley
changing subject/topic? It really throws peoples email readers when they
use the references to thread messages  (it also means your messages get
lost into threads that people might not be reading for some reason (eg
not enought time to read all messages that go through the list
(currently got 93 unread at the mo...))

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