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From: Martijn Schoemaker (
Date: 09/08/00


>Also if it is possible to have the mud run on several
>ports. So you can connect to it through the port you can
>Like having the mud running on 5 different ports, each
>pointing to the same mudbase. (not some builders port
>thing where you access the same mud just started twice)

A while ago I posted some code to let the mud listen on
a number of ports at the same time. Problem is when you
want to bind to a portnumber < 1024 you need to be
root to do that. So you must either run the mud as root,
bind to the specific lower ports, and change your user
to the mud user (setuid), or you have to run the mud
under root (Not recommended). This was also included in
the snippet I posted I think.

Another way is to write (or download) a wrapper program
which runs under root and redirects the requests on the
lower ports to your MUD port (tcpproxy is a good alternative)

So search the archives and if you don't find it, mail
me and I'll repost it.

Try : 4000 (or 119) and be amazed.

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