Re: [CODE]Autoeasy/Autohard Commands

From: Del (
Date: 09/09/00

Sandy Willey wrote:
> Hi, I was wondering how to code Autoeasy/Autohard commands into medit so when a builder is working on a mob all he has to do is put in the level and type in autoeasy or autohard while hes working on the mobile, and it will finish the mob.  according to those standards.

Add two commands, mimic the commands already there, and set
what ever attributes you want in each (based on level).
(setting things on the mob is simple, just follow the code already

You might want to get an idea of what easy and hard is.
Like, how many hitpoints for the level mob
example: easy = level * 50
         hard = level * 150
This way you can just make one calculation based on the level to
simplify things.

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