Anguish Inducing Problem

From: Deja Augustine (
Date: 09/14/00

Okay, I'm having a rather interesting problem:

Everytime I run my MUD, after a given period of time (have yet to actually
time how long it takes) the mud shutsdown (everyone gets dumped and bash
informs me that the job was killed)...the exact message I get from linux

[1]+  Killed                  ./autorun  (wd: ~/mud)

Now, it doesn't crash-save, and according to the machine's logs, the process
was terminated internally.  However, according to the prompt on my screen,
the process is being killed externally.  As you can tell, this is a serious
problem.  I can't keep the MUD running for more than half-an-hour before it

I'm just curious if anyone else has run into similar problems and could shed
some light on the situation.



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