Re: mud won't run using gdb...but runs w/o gdb

From: Jason Pullara (
Date: 09/14/00

> I noticed the other day when i tried to mail one of my builders
> that the mud seemed to crash when i sent the mail.  I say seemed
> to crash because i got no core, and could find no record of anything
> amiss in the log.  Being curious i decided to run gdb on it and
> see what it would say when i tried to use mail.  Well the funny
> thing is that it wouldn't even finish booting up the mud and i the
> relevant parts of what i saw are listed below.  The ironic part
> is that when i run it using autorun i never see anything about
> deleting timed out crash  or rent files...i'm clueless and would
> appreciate help.  here's the info:
> Cannot access memory at address 0x8.
> (gdb)

Are you sure you have the access set right so the MUD can access the plrmail

I know it sounds -extramly- dumb, but then again this awnser is coming from
an -extramly- dumb person.
besides, I like to stick with the KISS theory (keep it simple, stupid

> Snaga is trying to recite mantras rather than pulling hair out :)

Hair pulling is fun.


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