Oasis + DGS = problems

From: Deja Augustine (PraetorXI@aol.com)
Date: 09/17/00

First of all, let me identify my specs:

I'm running a moderately modified bpl17 with Oasis 2.0 installed.  I've
recently hand-patched the DGScripts pl5 (w/o OLC) into the system, and I've
run into a few difficulties.

First of all, when I assign a script to anything, the script doesn't execute.
 Secondly, in trigedit when anyone trys to change any options, it will either
disconnect the builder or crash the MUD.  The disconnect is VERY hard to
trace, since there is no core dump, and nothing shows up in GDB.

I've searched the archives to no avail.

If anyone has run into this problem, or has any idea what I could do to fix
this problem, please let me know.


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